Admit it. If you’ve never dealt with a bail bonds company, you have a bad view of bail bondsmen. You might not know why you have such a negative view of a bond agency, but for some reason there’s something that just bugs you about the whole idea. Let’s take a look at why this might be the case.

It’s The People We Deal With

People often get a bad feeling about bail bond agents because of the company we keep, i.e. our customers. But not everyone we provide bail bonds to is a criminal. Sometimes police arrest the wrong person, sometimes the person being bailed out was simply doing the right thing and got on the wrong side of a pushy officer. These people deserve to get out of jail as quickly as possible. And remember, in most circumstance we’re dealing with the relatives of the person jailed, someone just trying to help out.

Are We The Opposite Of Cops?

What do police officers do? They keep the peace, and sometimes that means arresting people. So if police put people in jail, does getting people out of jail mean that we’re the opposite of cops? Certainly not, but that logical fallacy can give the entire bail bonds agency a bad name.

Yes, we deal with people who have done bad things. But we also believe in our judicial system and that they are innocent until proven guilty. If the judge has set bail, who are we to question the judge’s opinion? Should a person stay in jail for months simply because they don’t have $10,000 in cash sitting around their house? We’ll trust the judge and help our fellow citizens and their relatives out.

Movies and Television

If movies and television don’t get the courtroom process even close to accurate, what chance do bail bond companies have? None, really. In most cases bail bondsmen are portrayed as skeevy people who sit in dark rooms at night just waiting like a spider for their next victim.

We’re happy to tell you that the representation of bondsmen couldn’t be further from the truth. Our bail bond agencies are well-lit, and we’re incredibly friendly. After all, you’re our customers, and if you’re unfortunate enough to need bail bonds again we want you to come back.

Sometimes It’s The Part of Town

Growing cities often outgrow their courthouse and build new ones in on the edge of town, with plenty of parking and easy access to the new coffee shops and shopping.

But in most cities, the courthouse is often right downtown in a part of town that might be hard on its luck. The businesses around it might shut down, but the courthouse remains. The businesses that are still there might not always be of the most reputable types, and suddenly the courthouse is in “that” part of town.

Because we want to be as convenient as possible to those who are seeking bail, it means we’re often going to be near the courthouse. While that sometimes means we’ll be right next to an upscale coffee shop, more often we’re going to be in that part of town.

We’ll be back next week to discuss some more obstacles in our way of being known as a reputable company. We know that bail bond companies have a bad public perception, and that’s why we have to be twice as good at what we do in order to rise above it. That’s why we’re always nice to our customers and do everything we can to inform them about the process of posting bail. Hopefully you won’t need a bail bond service anytime soon, but when you do be sure to contact J & J Bail Bonds.