In our previous blog we discussed four big reasons that bail bond agents have a bad reputation, many of which aren’t warranted. Sometimes it’s the part of town that courthouses are in, which might not be the nicest of places. Other times it’s the way that bail agents are portrayed in movies and television, trying to take advantage of everyone who walks in. The biggest reason, though, is who our customers are. While we help get innocent people out of jail, we also help those who will end up in prison. In the end, our industry is an important part of the legal process.

As it turns out, there are a few more reasons why companies like ours have a bad reputation. Here’s why people feel that way, and why they probably shouldn’t.

Aren’t We Just Taking Advantage of a Bad Situation?

Whenever someone has to make a decision quickly, there will always be someone trying to take advantage of them. Something bad has occurred (someone has been arrested) and their friend or relative needs money quickly. Bail bond agencies will make money from this situation, no doubt.

But you have to ask yourself: is someone who makes money during a bad situation doing the wrong thing? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. No one thinks poorly of a doctor who mends a broken arm, even though that’s a bad situation. On the other hand, someone who’s overcharging for water during a natural disaster certainly deserves their bad reputation.

With 24/7 bail bonds, you should judge them by their practices. If they overcharge, then they’re certainly taking advantage of a situation. But when it comes to a reputable bail bond company like J & J and our “bail now, pay later” options, we’re simply providing a needed service to people for a fair price.

It’s The History

Yes, there were shady bail bond agents in the past, simply there to take full advantage of desperate people. Unfortunately, there are still some of those shady place around. But, much like Las Vegas, it’s a much more family-friendly industry than it once was!

Today you can research a bail bondsmen easily, and we’re happy to say that our Google reviews are stellar. So while some of those shady places are still around, you’ll be able to check out what an agent offers before you even step through their doors.

We Work At Night

Humans tend to be diurnal (basically the opposite of nocturnal). Our eyes don’t work very well in the dark, and we tend to fear it. In some ways, fear of the dark is perfectly valid; predators who can see in the dark have a distinct advantage. That has led to most of the horror story we’ve concocted over the centuries occurring at night. And that means bad things happen at night, right?

Working at a 24-hour bail bonds agency means that we’re going to be working at night, and the fear that most people have of the dark means that what we do is often associated with negative feelings. But when you need bail bonds at 3 am, you’ll certainly see how good we can be!

We do whatever we can to rise above the negative views of our industry at all of our 17 locations. When your friend or relative is in trouble, stop by J & J Bail Bonds for the best service around.