You might sometimes ask yourself “who would ever want to become a bail bond agent?” In most people’s eyes, we’re constantly dealing with the worst of the worst of society, those who should stay locked up instead of being out on bail. Unfortunately, that’s a very limited view of the people who get into trouble.

Good people get arrested, sometimes for something they did and other times because of something someone else did. It’s almost a certainty that someone from your office or place of worship has been arrested in the last year. Just because you didn’t hear about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Your best friend could be arrested and you might never know.

So, let’s get back to what we were talking about: why would someone want to be a bail bond agent? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons.

If You’re a People Person

There are many advantages to being a “people person” in the bail bond industry. First of all, you’ll be working with people from all walks of life, from the drunk-driving client who makes $100,000 a year to the unemployed person who was arrested for having a small amount of drugs. It helps to be able to interact with both of these clients, as well as any others who come in. Showing respect to everyone who walks through the door is one of the most important things you can do; never forget that they might be completely innocent. Having a good rapport with the accused (and/or their family members) is a good way make sure that they’ll show up for their court dates.

Of course, it’s also important to form good relationships with people you’ll be working with in the legal system. From lawyers to judges to clerks, each one can have an impact on how quickly your client can get our on bond…something that the client will certainly remember if they ever have need of a bail bond agency ever again.

It’s Interesting

What’s more interesting?: being a defense lawyer, police officer, or bail bondsman? The fact is that we’re pretty much dealing with the exact same people in the same circumstances. Most all of these cases fall on a short list of charges — drug possession, drunk driving, or battery — but each one has to be handled as an individual situation. Each has its own different bent that makes it different from the last.

Of course, there’s always the truly-interesting clients who come along. Some people are arrested for reasons that we would have never thought of, like attacking people with animals that aren’t dogs! Weird arrests certainly make things interesting!

It’s Part of the Legal System

Let’s take a look at those three professions we mentioned above and ask another question: who is most respected…a police officer, lawyer, or bail bondsman? In most cases, people will put police officers at the top, then…well, we’d rather not say who’s at the bottom! But all three of these professions are important parts of the legal system. Without bail bondsman, many people would end up spending an inordinate (and some would say cruel) amount of time in jail awaiting trial. We provide an important part of the legal process by ensuring that people get a speedy trial, or are at least free while they wait for their trial.

You’re All Over the City

As a bail bond agent, you really get to know the city buildings. You might head to jails and courthouses and police stations in the same day, in addition to sitting behind a desk for part of it to fill out paperwork. If you like to be on the move and perform a variety of legal tasks, being a bail bondsman might be right for you.

You Like Detecting

Do you fancy yourself a detective? Then you might like being a bail bondsman. While most of our clients show up to court, there are times when they don’t. Before a bail bond agency hires a bounty hunter, we’ll do whatever we can to find the person who has skipped bail. That might require some detective work, including talking with family members. (It’s at times like these that being a “people person” really pays off.) Once again, the many tasks performed by a bail bond agent ensure that the job is almost always interesting.

Flexible Schedules

Working in a bail bond agency certainly isn’t a nine-to-five job. Nearly every one is a 24/7 bail bond service, and that means that there’s an opportunity to work 24 hours a day! That doesn’t mean you’ll be there for all of them, of course, but it does mean that there are ample hours to work for those who want a flexible schedule.

It Pays (Reasonably) Well

We’re providing a service that people want and need. No one is forced to use a bail bond service, but most people choose to. While we are limited by laws that determine how much we can charge on a bail bond (and in most cases that’s a very good thing), the service we provide does have its financial benefits. And those benefits keep coming in, because…

It’s Always Going To Be Around

Look, we’d like to live in a world in which no one does anything wrong. We’d be more than happy to pack up if the world were suddenly perfect and no one ever needed the help of a bail bond agency. We’ll head off with all the lawyers looking for a new job!

But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Human nature guarantees that people will always steal, drive drunk, and get into fights. They’ll always make bad decisions and get arrested, and the legal system will allow them to post bond. For that matter, even innocent people will be arrested, and we’ll be there for them as well. Bail bond agencies tend to be recession-proof, as more people tend to get desperate and do illegal acts when economic times are bad.

You’re Helping Those In Need

We just established that people do bad things, and that’s not going to stop. But these people need help; when you’re a bail bondsman you’re going to be doing a lot of good for people who could use it. By helping someone get out of jail, you’re allowing them to return to work and provide for their families, and you might also be helping them spend more time with their lawyer. There’s a lot of good in this industry.

Are we currently looking to hire bail bond agents in either our Grand Rapids or Muskegon offices? You can find out by contacting us and asking. It’s an interesting job, no doubt, and it might just be perfect for you.