1. What To Look For In A Bail Bond Agency

    While we’re sure you’d be perfectly happy going your entire life without having to deal with a bail bond agency, it’s unlikely that’s the case if you’re here on our site. Now you have to find out, in a short amount of time, how to get bail money and which bail bondsman is right for you. We…Read More

  2. You Won’t Need a Bail Bond Agent If the Judge Denies Bail

    While most of the articles we’ve written have been about how to secure bail money, there are some circumstances in which we simply can’t help you. For instance, you won’t be needing a bail bond agent — or any bond money whatsoever — if the judge denies bail in the first place. Why would a …Read More

  3. What the Bail Bondsman Needs To Know

    We get it: you might not be in your right mind when you come into a bail bondsman’s office looking for a jail bond. You’ve probably never needed to post bail for someone before, and the shock and newness of it all can be very disconcerting. (And if you have posted bail many times before for some…Read More

  4. Why Do Bail Bond Agents Get a Bad Reputation? (Part 2)

    In our previous blog we discussed four big reasons that bail bond agents have a bad reputation, many of which aren’t warranted. Sometimes it’s the part of town that courthouses are in, which might not be the nicest of places. Other times it’s the way that bail agents are portrayed in movies an…Read More